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About West Metal Company
West Metal is an engineering design manufacturing and supplier company, which has been established in Iran, since 1983. The company's headquarter is located in Tehran and our production factory line in Kermanshah. We are the manufacturer of Electrical and Mechanical parts which used in various Industrial fields such as Ferroalloy industries, steel plants, power plants and so on. We are also Supplier of water cooled cables, electrode arms, Continuous-Casting Moulds, Electrical and Heat Resistant Insulators (Composites), which used in electrical power plants and steel factories.
     We are proud to announce that West Metal company is the First company in Iran to design, Manufacture and Supply Water Cooled Cables, Insulation Pieces and Electrode Arm for Ladle Furnacese (LF) and Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF).
     We are presently in partnership with some major International Industrial firms like, SAAR METAL <http://www.saarmetall.de/> (Germany) [Copper Parts],
e.itec <http://www.eitec.fr/> (France) [Electric Arc Furnaces and Power and Distributing Systems],  BK Service <http://www.bk-services.de/>  [(Germany) Steel Making Equipment Manufacturer] and Ningbo Ville Interprize Group <http://cnville.com/>(China) [power distribution and transmission products], ANSSEN <http://www.anssen.com/> (China)[Metallurgy Equipment Manufacturing], TST GMBH (Germany [supplier of steel making equipment].
At West Metal Company, our goal is to provide services to our clients in an accurate, professional and timely manner based upon our clients needs. We are proudly open to any suggestions, or concern, and we also gladly welcome new partners for collaboration in our related fields or reinforcement composite materials - FRP (Constructions, Piping, etc) as well as fire retardant and fire resistance materials.
Our Partners
Here are some of our partners which we are working with them for so many years
Some of our delivered Projects
Manufacturing Electrode Arms and Secondary Circuit for Ladle Furnace No.3 at Khuzestan Steel Company
Revamp and Redesign for increasing the capacity of Electric Arc Furnaces No. 3 and 4 in Khuzestan Steel Company.
Coating with Fire Retardant Material for Cable Trays in Maurn Petrochemical Company
Producing Water Cooled Cable for almost 90% of Iranian Steel Industry as continues contract which are renewed year by year.
And Many other similar project which are available on demand.

Here is list of the some of the companies which we had the pleasure of working with:
Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co, Marun Petrochemical Complex (MPC), Esfarayan Industrial Complex (ESCO), Mobarakeh Steel Company, Iran Alloy Steel Company (IFI), Iran Ferroalloy Steel Co (IFC), Esfahan Steel Company, South Kaveh Steel Co (SKS), Hormozgan Steel Co (HOSCO), Khorasan Steel Co (KSCO), Iran Ferrosilice Co, Pasargad Steel (PASCO), Oxin steel ,ARFA Steel Company, MMTE, Khuzestan Steel Company (KSC)
Ladle Furnace (LF) Electrode arm
Manufacturing Electrode Arms for Electric Arc Furnaces
C check for Electric arc furnaces components
Heavy Overhaul for Electrode Arm
Water Cooled Cables for electric arc furnaces (EAF)
Manufacturing Water Cooled Cables and Water Cooled Mechanical Parts
Fire stop applications
Coating Cable Trays with Fire Retardant Material as Turnkey Projects
repair of water cooled components in electric arc furnaces
Repair and Revamp of Mechanical Equipment in various type and weights
Insulator parts for various steel making facilities
Manufacturing Electrical and Heat Insulators for Steel Factories
The Only holder of production certificate for Water Cooled Cables in Iran
Deisign and Manufacturing Electrode Arm for Electric Arc Furnaces, Manufacturing of Water Cooled Cables and some other Water Cooled Mechanical Parts used in Steel Industry
Today the Fire Protection System is known worldwide. It comprises a series of products providing most effective means to achieve compartmentation, the mandatory requirement in all update building codes and fire insurance regulations to prevent a fire from spreading to other building sections.
We furnish a huge range of materials for every conceivable application: fire protective coatings for electrical cables, fire and gastight cable penetration seals for walls and ceilings, fire protection for combustible and incombustible pipes of any kind and size and sealing systems for all types of joints. Since more than 40 years, we have been developing concepts and systems for active firefighting and passive fire protection in our own laboratories.
West Metal Co. Manufactures And Supply Technical Plastics - From Standard Materials To Hi-Tech. From Sheets, Bars And Rolls, We Create Sophisticated Precision Components With Our State-Of-The-Art Production Technology, Using High-Speed Cutting, Turning, And Drilling, Sawing, Pressing, Folding, Molding, Polishing, Grinding And Joining Techniques. We Supply A Wide Range Of Duroplasts And Thermoplasts From The Laboratory. For The Specific Characteristics And Test Values For These Products.West Metal Is An Excellent Example Of This: Our Engineering Skills, Expertise In Materials And Highly Sophisticated Processing Technology Make Us A Specialist In The Production And Working Of High-Quality Technical Plastics.
Repair Service. West Metal is equipped to handle the reconditioning, repair and rebuilding of electric arc furnace cables and electric arc furnace holders, regardless of manufacture. This process extends the service life of your investment.
Our cable repair procedures include:
Inspection. Bumpers, sheathing and outer hose cover removed. Conductors tested. Terminals checked for stresses and distortions. Water passages examined.
Reconditioning and Repair. Water passages cleared of deposits.
» General Features
We are the manufacturer of water cooled cables for electric furnace AC and DC in the CONCENTRIC Lay Design, ROPE and STAR LAY technology. As a result, choosing between this different type of cables we are able to give the customers the better solution to meet any productive demands.
We design and build water-cooled cables with section up to 7000 mm² and lengths more than 15 meters, with a maximum current intensity of 4,5 A/mm² and a bending radius of 5 times the internal diameter of the hose rubber. » Fabrication and  Terminal pads straightened and contact surfaces silver plated
Some ways to contact us
حسن احمدی

Hasan Ahmadi

Production Manager fro Insulator Parts
Sultan Isac

Darius Sultan Isac

Workshop Manager
مدیر تولید و ساخت قطعات مکانیک بهروز پایدار

Behrouz Paidar

Production Manager for Mechanical Parts
Shadi Afshin

Shadi Afshin

Sales Services
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Mehdi Saleki

فرهاد حاجیان

Fariborz Hajian

Chairman of the Board