Heat and Electrical Insulators
Epoxy glass laminated tube/plate, phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet
We have the required equipment to transform and mechanizing of insulator materials: cut in line, drills, grinders, presses.... Our high productive capacity make possible that we fulfill with reliability terms and qualities under any condition. We are prepared to adjust ourselves to each situation: from periodical supply of electrical equipment to meet a specific need under demand. To make our products, we use a wide range of formats and insulator materials, depending on the requirements of each situation: thermal, mechanical and electrical condition of the application environment.
Firestop and Fire Proofing Projects
Cable Coatings, Protective Paint, Mortar
West Metal do fire protection services of electrical cables with either intumescent or ablative coating. The intumescent cable coating expands during a fire, hereby insulating and shielding the cable from fire damage. The ablative coating protects the cable by chemical and physical reactions that consumes large amounts of heat energy. West Metal is leading the way on fire protection engineering standards. coating systems have been tested from the North Sea and throughout the Middle East to Indonesia. An investment in the longevity of electrical cables is an investment in secure performance and an insurance against production/operation shutdown.
Water Cooled Parts

Water Cooled Cable, Copper Contact Pad, Bus Bar
Water cooled parts are generally dealing with great amount of heat during operation specially transferring high currents, exposing to high amount of heat while its necessary to maintain their functionality such as transferring electric current of holding an equipment in its place. In the steel industries there are too many type of these parts, such as water cooled cables, copper contact pads, water jackets, canisters,… West Metal is specialized to product and supply these parts to all that industries whose requirements urges using these parts with custom design and high reliability.
Contact Information
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About West Metal
West Metal Company is manufacturer and supplier of industrial parts. Main field of activities are focused on providing and manufacturing parts for heavy industries such as steel plants (electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces), power plants, milling and casting  plants, refineries and railroad companies. Its main productions are water cooled parts and heat and electrical insulators.... 
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