| Automation | visualisation |

Our automation and visualisation systems give you reliable and simple control in complex systems as well as easy-to-use access to operational data. Clearly structured and ergonomic control panels ensure intuitive operation using optimised process visualisation. Our services naturally include smooth integration of existing systems as well as appropriate safety concepts. thanks to smart automation and visualisation: By means of innovative electrode control the number of electrodes and power consumption can be significantly reduced. The same applies to power-on time. Continuous data recording supports melting protocol creation for tracking production batches.

| Supplying Spare Parts |

As one of the most experienced and respected manufacturer in todays Steel Plant Technology, our partners have the necessary knowledge that translates directly into your competitive advantage.
We have competent partners and suppliers of cutting-edge steel plant components and provide fast and dedicated service ranging from individual parts to complete furnace systems.
Our partners are known as powerful players in the industry. Together we have streamlined our production and substantially decreased turnaround times and cost.
تعمیر نوز پانل مسی کوره قوس الکتریک
Reconstruction | revamping of existing facilities
We supply innovative and customised revamping/reconstructing solutions for steel plants. Custom-built, functional units help maximize the value and utilisation of your existing operation.
Our engineers develop realistic feasibility studies and analyse the potential in your existing facility. In our facilities we manufacture functional components, designed to be compatible with your requirements on site.
Training, maintenance, CE certification, as well as risk analysis and assessment are part of our extensive range of products & services.
Fireproofing Projects

Electrical cables are the nerve system of your business, whether you run a melting plant, power plant, refinery, oil-rig, hotel, hospital or a cruise ship. Protecting cables from fire can save costs and ultimately it can save your business and save lives.
Throughout the last 30 years Fire Security has coated and fire protected thousands of kilometers of electrical cables. Some of our customers have experienced that a fire was efficiently stopped due to the fact that their cables were protected by Fire Security.  Are your cables fire protected? If not, see our references and brochures or go to FS contact page.

Engineering Services

Our complete range of engineering services ensures important competitive advantage for our customers across the world; our professionals share years of experience and intimate knowledge of the internal processes in steel manufacturing. We are qualified to recognise potential optimisation areas quickly, and develop innovative technical ideas towards achieving long-term efficiency.
Our engineering services include detailed feasibility studies for new and existing facilities, cost analysis, and complex solutions for enhancing production by focusing on the interplay between the system components. We also focus on reliable employee protection and optimising life cycles in individual modules and the overall system while minimising effort and cost.
Electric Arc Furnaces

BK Services’ electric arc furnaces are designed for tapping weights ranging between 2 and 50 tons, furnaces that satisfy a diverse range of requirements for use in steel mills and foundries.
Our furnaces achieve maximum power input using electrical and chemical energy supplies.
Beyond planning, installing and commissioning new equipment, we also revamp, renovate and commission existing electric arc furnaces to support our customers in achieving excellence on a consistent basis.
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