About Us

     West Metal is an engineering design manufacturing and supplier company, which has been established in Iran, since 1983. The company's headquarter is located in Tehran and our production factory line in Kermanshah and Tehran Province. We are the manufacturer of Electrical and Mechanical Devices which used in various Industrial fields such as Ferroalloy industries, steel plants, power plants and so on. We are also Supplier of water cooled cables, Special Lubricants for hot metal forming process, Continuous-Casting Moulds, Electrical and Heat Resistant Insulators (Composites), which used in electrical power plants and steel factories.
     We are proud to announce that West Metal company is the First company in Iran to design, Manufacture and Supply Water Cooled Cables, Insulation Pieces and Electro Arm for ladle Furnaces.
     We are presently in partnership with some major International Industrial firms like, SAAR METAL (Germany) [Copper Parts], e.itec (France) [Electric Arc Furnaces and Power and Distributing Systems], FUCHS Lubritech(Germany) [Industrial Lubricants], Hensel (Germany) [Fire Retardant Materials], IVG Group (Italy) [Rubber Hose], BK Service  [(Germany) Steel Making Equipment Manufacturer] and Ningbo Ville Interprize Group(China) [power distribution and transmission products], ANSSEN (China) [Metallurgy Equipment Manufacturing]
At West Metal Company, our goal is to provide services to our clients in an accurate, professional and timely manner based upon our clients needs. We are proudly open to any suggestions, or concern, and we also gladly welcome new partners for collaboration in our related fields or reinforcement composite materials - FRP (Constructions, Piping, etc) as well as fire retardant and fire resistance.

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