At West Metal We Design And Manufacture Different Type Of Copper Parts For Various Applications Like:

  • Copper Fittings for Blast Furnaces and Cupola Furnaces
  • Copper Fittings for BOF / LD Steel Plants
  • Copper Fittings for Electric Furnaces
  • Copper Molds
  • Copper Fittings for Submerged Arc and Other Smelting Furnaces
  • Copper Crucibles for Re-melting Furnaces
  • Centrifugal Castings Made Of Copper Alloys

We Will Accept Special Orders for Our Customer’s Needs.
At West Metal Development, Production, Quality Control and Application Sectors Have us Aim In Common; Excellent Workmanship. All Our Productions is Subjected to a Constant Quality Controls and a Complete Final Inspection.
At West Metal We are committed to a Spectrum-Analysis of Heat measurements and Correction of Electrical Conductivity of Each Copper Part before Casting.
We Are Always at The Disposal of Customers For Technical Advisory Services.

Steel Making Components (Product & Services)


  • Tapping weights from 3 to 300 tons for steel plants and foundries
  • All types of components: shells, roofs, gantries, tilt frames, electrode arms, hydraulic components etc.
  • Optimised power input through electrical and chemical energy
  • Various injection systems



  • Ladle furnaces up to 300 tons of liquid steel
  • All types of components: ladles, ladle roofs, gantries, electrode arms, hydraulic components etc.
  • Different types of alloy feeding and injection systems
  • Temperature measurement and sampling devices



  • Different types of vessels such as scrap buckets or ladles
  • Ladle cars and other vehicles
  • Material handling systems
  • Various water-cooled systems
  • Dedusting and alloying systems



  • State of the art solutions for all types of EAF (AC or DC), LF and peripherical equipment with the advantage of an in increase in:
  • Cost effectiveness and profitability
  • Economical and ecological criteria
  • Productivity and availability



  • Intuitive operation due to process visualisation
  • Optimum level of process automation
  • Highest process stability and reliability
  • Data analysing for preventive maintenance



Power-fossil fuel plant, nuclear power plant, Steel plant, Infrastructure- railway, subway and airport.
We have experts and advanced technologists in the electrical production area. And we pay more attention in cultivating the well-educated technical team. The products have a greater market share due to its excellent performance and new hi-technology. Meanwhile, we have wined “China famous brand products”, “National exempted from exemption product”, and the ISO9001 quality guarantee system, the ISO14001 environment management system and the OHSAS18001 occupation healthy safety control system through the national authentication, “CCC”,”PCCC” authentication certificate, which VILLE obtained comparatively early. The products are widely used in nuclear power plant, chemical plant, railway, underground, airport, national defense and main national, provincial and municipal construction projects. The products cover all over the country and abroad five continental countries. Among all of the products, the sale volume of pad mounted substation, ring main unit switchgear and H.V. load switch with advanced technology and full variety always seize the national sale crown. It was proved that  products owned excellent performance after supporting ShenZhou V, VI Manned Spaceship to launch successfully and escorting QingZang railroad, which can bear any severe condition.
In order to achieve the enterprise’s strategic target---being stronger, larger, and superior, we continue to expand throughout the world’s markets for power transmission and distribution area. And we also actively attach our team to competition, walking forward to the mission of “First-class worldwide electrical equipment supplier”

Fire Retardant System 

There is no doubt that fire risks in modern society have grown in many respects. Fires – and in this the experts are unanimous – are today no longer a calculable risk.
Today the Fire Protection System is known worldwide. It comprises a series of products providing most effective means to achieve compartmentation, the mandatory requirement in all update building codes and fire insurance regulations to prevent a fire from spreading to other building sections.
We furnish a huge range of materials for every conceivable application: fire protective coatings for electrical cables, fire and gastight cable penetration seals for walls and ceilings, fire protection for combustible and incombustible pipes of any kind and size and sealing systems for all types of joints. Since more than 40 years, we have been developing concepts and systems for active firefighting and passive fire protection in our own laboratories. With our comprehensive fire protection systems, we cannot prevent all fires. But we can make life much safer.
More than 200 test reports conducted to all internationally recognized standards verify the suitability of Fire Protection Products for their intended use to assure the user of warranted performance for many years under any and all conditions. Our customers can rely on the quality of our products, and with every justification: because all the products are manufactured to the requirements of the Quality Assurance System DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Heat & Electrical Insulators


West Metal Co. Manufactures And Supply Technical Plastics - From Standard Materials To Hi-Tech. From Sheets, Bars And Rolls, We Create Sophisticated Precision Components With Our State-Of-The-Art Production Technology, Using High-Speed Cutting, Turning, And Drilling, Sawing, Pressing, Folding, Molding, Polishing, Grinding And Joining Techniques.

We Supply A Wide Range Of Duroplasts And Thermoplasts From The Laboratory. For The Specific Characteristics And Test Values For These Products.

West Metal Is An Excellent Example Of This: Our Engineering Skills, Expertise In Materials And Highly Sophisticated Processing Technology Make Us A Specialist In The Production And Working Of High-Quality Technical Plastics.

The Outstanding Properties Of Today's Technical Plastics Are Such That As Well As Displacing Traditional Materials They Are Also Giving Rise To A Whole Range Of New Technologies And New Solutions. We're Involved In Creating Those Materials And Solutions - And Have Been For Over 60 Years. Our Long Tradition Of Professional Expertise And A Continuing Focus On New Development Are Our Most Important Assets.

At West Metal Co. We Are The Specialist In High-Quality Technical Plastics And Would Like To Be Your Partner. To Create New Solutions For A Product Of An Even Higher Quality

Copper Parts 


LUBRODAL products are water-miscible die lubricants for massive forming of metals in hot and warm temperature range. With or without graphite, black or white, LUBRODAL’s excellent properties fulfil the highest demands:
economic and environmentally friendly in use by diluting with water and spraying
a wide wetting temperature range guarantees an instant formation of a separating film on the tools
material flow and mould release are supported
excellent cooling effect and reduced fire risk
HYKOGEEN is the name associated with special applications in metal forming. These are effective release and lubricating formulations, which are not soluble in water.
Another wide area of use is in the foundry industry, where for years LUBRODAL and HYKOGEEN products have been successfully used as die release agents and auxiliaries.
There is also a complete, high-quality range of products available specifically for die-casting, which is complemented and supported in the best possible way through the company’s own peripheral devices (see Product Group 9). But chill casting and gravity casting can also be carried out using FUCHS LUBRITECH mould facing lubricants

  • Steel plant layouts
  • Studies on feasibility and improvement potential
  • Complete engineering from basic data to manufacturing drawings
  • Calculations and finite element analysis
  • Automation and system-integration
  • Manufacturing in our own facilities
  • Installation on site
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Life cycle management (spare parts and maintenance works)

Hot Metal Forming Lubricants

Steel Making Projects Consulting (Supply & Services)

We provide low and medium pressure rubber hose on rigid mandrel, up to 120 meters length and up to 800 mm diameter in shorter length. They are appropriate for all industrial applications.  The turnover is realized by about 70% from abroad.
The quality system management, conform to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 norm requirements, is the instrument adopted by IVG Colbachini spa in order to guarantee the best product and service to all customers.
We have also implemented our production range with long length hoses developed with an original technology. The reasons behind such a long and internationally recognized success revolve around 5 main strong points:
1.      Experience
2.      Flexibility
3.      Research And Development
4.      Control Of The Production Process
5.      Sales Network

Industrial Rubber Hoses


  •  35KV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

Adopting advanced and strictly technology, the 35kV’s transformer that we develops to produce index all achieves the advanced standard of international by way of constantly exploring and make perfect. The product possesses characteristics such as the low loss, low noise, and low power in part and the resisted short circuit ability is strong etc. The product breed is diversified and the model specifications complete.
The transformer product can be installed and use in outdoor or indoor, and it is ideal equipment in the distribution network in any factory, rural area, and city

  • 110kV Voltage-regulating Power Transformer

Adopting advanced and strictly technology, the 110kV’s transformer that we develops to produce index all achieves the advanced standard of international by way of constantly exploring and make perfect. The product possesses characteristics such as the low loss, low noise and low power in part and the resisted short circuit ability is strong etc. The product breed is diversified and the model specifications complete.
The transformer product can be installed and use in outdoor or indoor, and it is ideal equipment in the distribution network in any factory, rural area and city.

  •  H SG(B)10 Dry-type Transformer

H grade OVDT series SG(B)10 opens wide the ventilation type dry type transformer of my corporation research and development chooses H and Cs’ such as Nomex, Cequin and Tufauin etc. Which produced by DUPONTE and QUIN-T corporation who tests the attestation by American UL insurance,180oC-220oC insulation system who passes optimization design possesses extinguishes and hinders to burn and hard burns even to the extent burn and the merit or safe capability.
  At the same time, having used at present advanced VIP’s vacuum impregnation technology, spool whole soaks with ET-90 H grade modified heart-resisting not saturation polyester resin hinder to burn, so the paint membranes is even, bright, strong adhesive force, not crack, small part discharge and high whole mechanical strength and insulation ability, it is suitable in the environment of moist ,salt and fog etc. heavily degree pollutes, endure waiting capability is excellent.
  According to the SG(B)10 series OVDT products with its advanced performance standards and reliable safety such as low loss and noise, and small part discharge etc. It is widely used in the load center who required high fireproof safety and environmental protection, such as tour sight spot, commercial affairs center ,shopping center , resident area, high-rise, airport, subway, hospital and wharf etc.

» General Features
We are the manufacturer of water cooled cables for electric furnace AC and DC in the CONCENTRIC Lay Design, ROPE and STAR LAY technology. As a result, choosing between this different type of cables we are able to give the customers the better solution to meet any productive demands.
We design and build water-cooled cables with section up to 7000 mm² and lengths more than 15 meters, with a maximum current intensity of 4,5 A/mm² and a bending radius of 5 times the internal diameter of the hose rubber.

» Fabrication and Repair Service
West Metal is equipped to handle the reconditioning, repair and rebuilding of electric arc furnace cables and electric arc furnace holders, regardless of manufacture. This process extends the service life of your investment.
Our cable repair procedures include:
Inspection. Bumpers, sheathing and outer hose cover removed. Conductors tested. Terminals checked for stresses and distortions. Water passages examined.
Reconditioning and Repair. Water passages cleared of deposits. Terminal pads straightened and contact surfaces silver plated. New outer hose covering installed and covered with new sheathing. New anti-chafing gear or bumpers installed.
Rebuilding. If copper wire conductors have completely deteriorated, new wire along with new core hose or filter spring is soldered to original terminals, which can be reconditioned or replaced.
Field Welding & Repairs. Personalized 24 hour emergency service is another West Metal plus. If your production problems require it, our expert technicians will go to your plant to perform timely repairs on-site without removing your manufacturing equipment, repairs are made requiring less downtime.

Water Cooled Cables


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